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Raphington's Auto Import

Raphington’s Auto Import is the premier car dealership for your affordable new and used vehicle. We provide a wide range of popular selections as well as luxury at its finest. Thinking about your next car? We specialize in special orders and we will deliver whatever your heart desires for the best available price.

Shop with Raphington’s Auto Import and we will make your dream a reality. “Number one Dealership for the people.”


We have a wide range of popular brands and some luxurious brands such as BMW, AUDI, LEXUS and MERCEDES. We also offer special orders on any vehicle of your choice.


Raphington's Auto has been in the used car industry for over a decade. We have established a customer service platform that is parallel to none by focusing our time on delivering that special touch to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied. We are built on a solid foundation that has created a great impact on many lives by simply providing the best quality vehicles at a very competitive price.


We have created a VIP service program for all those customers who are extremely busy with work and their families. Don't worry about servicing your vehicle or keeping it in the excellent condition that you received it in. We will do it for you. Call us and we can discuss how we can make you life so much easier.


Need help with financing? Don't worry! We will recommend a financial institution that is hassle free with a competitive interest rate. Shop with Raphington’s Auto Import and we will make your dream a reality. Number one Dealership for the people.

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